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Six Reasons Why PHP will Remain the Most Popular Programming Language for Developing Clone Scripts in 2019

Clone Scripts are typically copies of popular online business, their website design and functionality. The flexibility and customization options make clone app scripts very popular among people who want to start a similar business without having to spend a lot of money. Using Clone scripts, saves time because the script is not required to be written from scratch for the new site. The developers make suitable modifications in the script to meet the requirements of the new site. The cost of website development is also low as the code is already developed and thus the base price is automatically low. With a few modifications, entrepreneurs can use the same online marketing pattern as that of the source website.

A large number of business owners want their website to be a replica or similar to that of the popular existing sites. PHP remains the most popular script till date among developers and programmers for cloning popular websites. Here is why PHP has, and will remain the most popular programming language for script cloning for 2019 and possibly in coming years as well.

1. Open Source

Software profession Software professionals prefer to use PHP programming language as it is a free language and there’s no licensing fee that needs to be paid. Thus, entrepreneurs ask them to use PHP to develop their websites as it brings down the overall cost of website development.

2. Simplicity

PHP was originally designed to a scripting language with just a few commands/functions. The syntax of the PHP language is inspired from C and Java, and it is easy to understand and apply.

3. Runs Everywhere

PHP can run on Windows, Linux and Unix servers. Moreover, it is also compatible with most of the popular databases using ORM/adapters. It is effortless to use the language and so a large number of programmers, both newbies and seasoned professionals, prefer using PHP. PHP runs everywhere, and several popular apps and CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal run on the PHP. Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo! and many other popular websites were made using it. Even Mailchimp (popular email marketing software) is built on PHP.

4. Creates Dynamic Pages

This is one of the primary reasons why programmers favour PHP. With PHP dynamic web pages can be created which comes with a lot of flexibility. User-friendly websites can be designed with this server-side scripting language. It enables to integrate CMS and other tools. Other scripting languages too can be incorporated such as WordPress, osCommerce, AJAX, JavaScript, Joomla offering scalable solutions.

5. Cost-Efficient

PHP is a cross-platform compatible language. The combination of Apache, PHP, and MySQL is cost-effective as compared to the ISS/ ASP and SQL server. PHP and MySQL combination is considered one of the best solution for developing web applications quickly. It increases the efficiency of the web applications created and the websites developed. Businesses save a lot of time and money as PHP language works with multiple OS and servers.

6. Faster Processing Speed

Though there are faster options available, PHP can easily be optimized for performance so that the loading time is minimized and reduces the load on the server. Users love fast-loading websites as they have a short span of attention. The faster processing speed is a massive advantage for the website owner.

As you can see, there are ample reasons for the popularity of the PHP programming language and seems the current year will also see its demand soaring!

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