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How You Can Create and Launch Your Very Own Vacation Rental Website like AirBNB

Ever since the facility of renting houses for vacation has been brought to the digital world, traveling has become a very easy task. People prefer renting houses when travelling with family to have a stress free vacation.

As a result, online rental websites like AirBNB have become quite popular and are widely used by people all around the word. In fact, AirBNB is one of the leading vacation rental websites visited by thousands of users across the globe and is running close to $900 million in revenues.

Running an online rental website in this era is a very profitable business idea. However, running this business is not so easy either. You first need to create and launch a vacation rental website which is not only attractive but also has great functionality. Only then can your business bloom in the online world.

The question is how to you create and launch a vacation rental website which is as good as AirBNB? AirBNB is popular for a reason. It is easy to use, has great features and functionality and is also very attractive. You need a website which matches that level of perfection in order to grow your vacation rental business.

There is one very easy way you can create and launch a vacation rental website for which you do not require in-depth knowledge of coding and programming. All you need is a readymade AirBNB clone script to solve your purpose!

Here’s how you can create and launch a vacation rental website by using a readymade clone script:

Step 1: Selecting an AirBNB clone script

There are a few things to consider while looking for an AirBNB clone script:

  • The script should not have glitches or bugs
  • It must include modules for admin, hosts and guests, as tops vacation rental websites like AirBNB have all these modules too
  • It should include international payment options as well as 3rd party gateway integrations
  • It must be cross platform compatible
  • It should have native mobile apps

Before selecting a script, you should always check for the demo. This will help you see what all features are already present in the script. You can find some amazing AirBNB clone scripts in AirBNB Clone Scripts category on our website itself that will help you create a stunning vacation rental website of your own!

Step 2: Server requirements for AirBNB clone script

Each AirBNB script has certain server requirements depending on the functionality they offer, the technology they use and the scripting language they are developed on. When choosing an AirBNB script you must ensure that your hosting provider supports the server requirements of the script.

For example, the script that you choose may require the following:

  • Operating system: Windows or Linux OS
  • Server: Apache web server
  • Database: MySQL database or PostgreSQL or MSSQL
  • Script or technology: PHP version 7.1, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript or Bootstrap
  • You may also need Facebook App credentials, Google+ App Credentials as well as LinkedIn App Credentials

These requirements may vary from script to script so you need to pay attention to these requirements before picking an AirBNB clone script.

Step 3: Installing the AirBNB clone script

Installing the AirBNB clone script is not a difficult job, in fact some websites offer free installation too. You may require Cpanel credentials or FTP to install the AirBNB script.

Step 4: Customize the script

If you want your vacation rental website to have more functionality than what the AirBNB clone script offers, you can even customize the script according to your needs. This will save you a lot of time that would have been wasted if you created the entire website from scratch.

Most script developers provide customization services which make your job far easier especially if you do not have an in-house development team. You should pick a script provider who offers this facility.

Step 5: Launching your vacation rental website

Once you have customized AirBNB clone script according to your requirements and executed it, it is time to launch it.

Launching a website is a manual process which can be quite tedious and cumbersome if done on your own. Most script providers provide complete assistance with the entire launching process.

Step 6: Promote your website

It is time to promote your website. You need to start by creating and publishing interesting content on your website which will attract customers and help them engage with your business.

There are plenty of tools in the market which can help you promote your website, like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. You need to pay in order to use these tools; however, investing in them proves to be profitable in the long run.

If you want your website to succeed and attract organic traffic, the best practice is making your AirBNB website SEO compatible. If your website is SEO compatible it will attract more organic traffic and get a higher SERP ranking by Google. Search Engine Optimization is completely free and the best way to promote your website.


Using clone scripts is the easiest way to create and launch a vacation rental website which provides all the desired features that you can find in AirBNB website itself. If you are planning on starting a vacation rental website business, use an AirBNB clone script and get your business started in a matter of time!

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