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How to Build a Q&A Community for Your Business Website

Running an online business is not an easy task. You need to give your customers insightful knowledge about your business and answer all their queries to develop customer loyalty.

You could have a beautiful website, but if customers cannot find the answers that they seek, they will not be interested in what you offer. This is why most businesses have started Q&A communities on their business websites.

We all are familiar with the most popular Q&A platform on the internet, that is, Quora. If you want to build a Q&A community for your business website which is as reliable as Quora, using Quosera PHP script is a good idea.

Why use Quosera PHP script to build a Q&A community for your business?

Quosera is a PHP script which helps you create a question and answer (Q&A) community which are as efficient and reliable as Quora. The script is developed using MVC architecture which is perfect for business logic and makes it easy to customize as per your business needs. Quosera support team provides customization services at affordable price.

Quosera can not only be used by business websites, but also by educational and research institutions for setting up their private Q&A forums. Here are some of the amazing features of Quosera which will give Quora a run for their money.

Supports oEmbed

It supports oEmbed which allows users to include URLs from rich media sites like Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter, etc., in their answers.

TeX/MathML Support

TeX/MathML support makes Quosera an ideal platform for academic and research institutions as you will be able to use complex math equations in your Q&As


It also provides topic support which is very similar to Quora as you can associate many topics to a question.

Automatic Tags

Quosera supports automatic tags using machine learning (ML) algorithms, if enabled.

Ajax Search

Ajax technology displays search results asynchronously, i.e., as you type in the query, results will get displayed dynamically.

Private Messages

You can send private messages to the users that follow you.

Favourite/Bookmark Answers

Users can favourite answers and bookmark them for future reference. This feature was implemented by Quosera even before Quora!

Social Media Login

You can log into Quosera via your social media accounts too. Currently it supports Facebook and Twitter.

Verified Profiles

There are verified profiles much like Quora, where the admin verified profiles are marked with a tick. This can be used by business owners to mark support staff as well so users of your website know that they are support staff.


You can comment on questions and answers and create threads which are easy to track.

Mailchimp Integration

You can use built-in mailchimp integration to manage email marketing campaigns for your users.

Share Q&As

You can share the Q&As that you like or report any form of abuse by giving specific reasons which is a functionality offered by Quora as well.

Fully Responsive

Quosera is a fully responsive website and has a notification system as well. It also provides cross-browser support.

There are many more remarkable features offered by Quosera that make it as good as, if not better than, Quora. If you need to build a Q&A community for your business website or just a standalone Q&A community like Quora then look no further and get started.

Getting Started

Building Q&A community for your business website is very easy with the help of Quosera PHP script.

  1. Select a plan on the website that suits your requirements, make the payments and download the software from the customer portal.
  2. You will have to raise a support ticket from the customer portal for installation. Quosera team will install the software for you which is a free service. All the installation tickets are answered typically within 2 business hours.
  3. You will need SMTP for sending and receiving emails and notifications. Without this, Quosera functionality will remain incomplete. You can use Mailjet for SMTP.
  4. Please note that if you’re on shared hosting, your hosting server need to support the following to install Quosera:
    • MySQL version 5.6 and above
    • PHP version 5.6 and above
    • PDO Support
    • Imagic Support
    • OpenSSL Support
    • Expose_php and allow_url_include disables
    • ionCube Loaders (Only for Standard and Pro versions)

As you can see, Quosera has all the features that you require to build a Q&A community for your business website and installing it also a piece of cake!

So, build a Q&A community using Quosera PHP script and get ready to grow your customer loyalty.


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