Blablacar Clone App


Who wouldn’t love rides that are offered at low prices? Though taxi services have given many discounts and trial packages, the cravenness for cheap solutions hasn’t stopped. Carpooling is currently gaining more attention among the crowd as the price is less compared to the average cost. Many taxi applications are in process to incorporate carpooling service to acquire new users as well as retain the existing users. And the business model that is widely followed and adopted is BlaBlacar’s model. The model has many benefits like

1. In-app communication
2. Easy registration using social media
3. GPS integration for tracking
4. multiple payment modules
5. push notifications
6. Feedback system

Thus, if you have planned to adopt the same, make sure to discuss with your developing partner and incorporate the best technology. And if you find difficulty in finding one, then you can contact UberlikeApp. Since this company provides the best Blablacar Clone App at affordable prices with complete technical guidance, if you are not sure about their services, take a demo and see what they got you.

Programming Language
PHP, Java
Mobile Apps
Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry
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