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I-netsolution has developed PHP poll script for the entrepreneurs to conduct poll and vote for the specific organization. In this voting system, the voters can vote for the right candidate based on the organization. The main advantage of our script is the user can login at any moment to vote for the specific organization. The voting system is very secure and no one can change the data. Our voting system has supports unlimited number of organizations and nominee details. The online voting script has reduces the human effort; it will works in a high speed according to the user.

The duplicate votes are automatically removed from our PHP voting script, there are two important logins are available in our script. One is voter’s login and other is nominee’s login. The user can search by using specific organization name and their positions and position information. The user can view the number of nominees and their details in the organization. The user can modify their votes for the expected organization and they can vote in a simple manner. The main features of the PHP Poll and Voting Script are the profile management, user management, organization management, position and nominee management, secure code, etc;

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PHP voting script - PHP Poll and Voting Script.JPG 5 years ago
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