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The yelp portal website is the best platform for people to connect for business purposes with 100% source codes and  license file for each domain. Yelp business account allows different businesses to share and exchange information with the aid of yelp community. Significance of Yelp Portal Script The yelp portal advertisement script allows an entrepreneur to build and run a site like Yelp. The Yelp portal is a consumer review script site that facilitates an entrepreneur to develop his own interactive business review site. It will permit businesses to respond publicly and privately to user reviews.

Hence Yelp portal website is the best way to find great local businesses. The product will not just prove to be beneficial for buyers who want to set up their own review site, but it is also good for consumers/people who are constantly searching for everything right from city’s best cardiologist to renowned tastiest burger. Overview of the Product The product is highly customized to help users modify the theme; control the users of the site, categories, posts, comments, lists through easy to handle admin panel.

Besides these one can add videos to business listing, classifieds. The script has been specifically designed to provide online search capabilities for its visitors and application programming interface to integrate business reviews into Google maps application. It is also SEO friendly. It is not just built for programmers; it can be purchased by anyone to cater the business needs, because no coding knowledge is necessary to build a site like Yelp.

Local Business Directory Script Helps to build a profitable business directory website with no time Script comes with multi city settings Powerful rating system Advanced notification system that can be customized easily Bug free Plug & play Economical & handy.

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