Phamm PHP LDAP Virtual Hosting Manager


Phamm is an open-source project released under GNU General Public License (GPL).

Main Features:

  • Multi roles access:
    • Admin/Manager (full access);
    • postmaster (manage accounts under own domain)
    • account/user (manage own account only)
  • Front-end written in PHP (do not require external libraries);
  • Require PHP5;
  • support UTF-8;
  • use plug-in system
  • support XHTML 1.0 Transitional;
  • use js limited for not essential operations;

Plug-ins use XML descriptor files easy to customize. At this time you can find inside Phamm these tested plug-ins:

  • mail.xml – Virtual mailbox
  • alias.xml – Virtual mail alias
  • http://ftp.xml – Virtual FTP account
  • proxy.xml – Virtual Proxy access
  • person.xml – LDAP Adress Book

Typical use of Phamm is manage account for a mail server with virtual domain account but other uses are possible, for example manage ftp or proxy account. Phamm provide integration for different objectClass to obtain a base data single-sign-on ready.

If you are looking for a Postfix LDAP Front-end Phamm could be a good solution. Other MTA’s can be used like qmail-ldap, Courier, Exim and Dovecot.

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