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In this digital world, taking classes in the classrooms are reduced because of the development of the internet and social media. So the people are moving from the traditional learning method into the online learning management system. These days, the internet based learning platform is a huge demand in business marketing. So the entrepreneurs or teaching institutes can start their very own online learning website business by using our Open Source Learning Management System and acquire high income from the business. The Script is very useful to both the students and mentors to make the knowledge of education into the next level, and it is a more suitable marketplace script the internet based learning.

In this learning management script, the teacher can create an unlimited number of online learning videos, courses, documentation to assist the learners to learn the same similar idea with the different way. The client needs to sign in with the valid username and password to enter the script. In the home page, they can see the course in the system.

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Course Management Script - Academy Course Learning Management Script.JPG 5 years ago
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