PHP Instacart Clone Script


Grocery shopping is a lot less dreaded now than it was a decade ago. Thanks to the advent of online grocery shopping, one can get groceries delivered to the doorstep on the same day. This ease of shopping, combined with time, money and fuel saved has increased the popularity of online grocery shopping to an extent it is now being seen as a looming threat to brick and mortar stores. This is the time for you to secure a place in the future by starting your own Instacart clone app. Our Uber for Instacart gives you a complete ready-to-use app in a customisable and scalable open source code. We will deliver the app white-labelled with your brand and logo, which you can promote as your own venture. The Grocery script is available in any language, currency and colour of your choice and you will be in complete control with the dynamic admin dashboard with features like God’s eye view and real-time tracking. We will launch and upload you customer app in native iOS and Android Play stores after obtaining approval and will be available for follow-up support to get you going. The technologically advanced yet easy-to-use interface provides a smooth experience for your users and will contribute to the popularity of your business. View our live demo to experience how the app works and order your own Uber for Instacart app today.

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