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I-Netsolution has developed the advanced fully featured MLM Board Plan software for many companies or corporate organizations as the backbone of the making the efficient user-friendly process. This Board MLM software will help the users to get the commissions from the matrix level which is highly essential in Matrix plan MLM, it is the best way to get profits by forming the network with an entry of the associate’s coordination and benefited for both organizations as well as members. Board Plan MLM software is the most outstanding feature of MLM Board Plan to earn high income with secure and by forming the network.

The Revolving Matrix Board Plan MLM is working under 2*2 matrix cycle or leg concepts, where the user can earn the twice amount of the investment, the performance level or ranking is based on the active performance of the users in the network, so revolving matrix plan software has more become popular among all other multilevel marketing companies. Some of our enlightened features of the Board Plan MLM Software which are integrated into this plan are advanced User management, Level management, Profile management, multiple board commission, Manual sponsor with spillover, Referral bonus, Payment management, CMS etc.

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MLM Board Plan - Revolving Matrix Board Plan MLM.jpg 6 years ago
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