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The best way to start your own e-commerce website business to earn high income within a short time period by using our Kohls Clone Script. The Kohls script is created with world-class e-commerce templates and most advanced features. The script is developed as a responsive one, mobile friendly and it is designed based on the user recommendation and client’s expectation. We are creating the scripts with the client needs to satisfy their thoughts and we are customizing the script that totally depends upon the client requirements.

The eMAG Clone Script will be used to increase the consumers to prefer your site to purchase online. The script is created with attractive best in class e-commerce templates to make an efficient booking, increase your quality leads for your business. In this JCPenny clone, the users and vendors need to sign the site by using their individual email ID and password to avoid the duplicate log in users. After the approval from the admin side, the user or vendor can sign in at any time at any place. The user can search the products by different search methods including keyword search, category, location, make, year, etc.

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I-net Solution
Kohls Clone Script - eMAG Clone Script.JPG 5 years ago
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