Food Panda Clone Script


Our food delivery app development team will give you a turnkey solution white-labeled with your brand and logo which you can instantly promote as your own venture. The scalable server can be customized and upgraded at any time and is available in any language, currency or colour of your choice. You will have complete power over your business with the powerful admin dashboard with features like god’s eye view and fleet management. Through this Foodpanda clone, your customers can avail features like referrals, updates via notifications, order history, instant search, and favorites. They can browse through various categories and easily access the checkout cart. The apps are uploaded to native iOS and Android apps after approval and you needn’t worry about license renewals.Foodpanda gives you the most features for its cost and is the best option for anybody looking to start their own food delivery service. View our live demo to see the working of the app and order your own food delivery app like Uber.

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