Crowdfunding Pledge - Kickstarter Clone


Planning to create the Next Big Kickstarter for your region, niche, currency and language, then Crowdfunding Pledge is the right solution for you. It is a Kickstarter clone script which can help you to create a pledge based fundraising website in just two days. The speciality of this script is that it allows you to host a website with both KiA (Keep it all) and AoN (All or Nothing) models. You can set a different commission rates for both of them.

  • It also provides an innovative reward system, which helps your users to get the ROI for the funds raised through your website. This script comes with the following elements.
  • Social media options
  • Digital marketing options
  • Revenue options
  • Responsive designs
Programming Language
Mobile Apps
$1000 USD
Developer Name
pledge.png 8 years ago
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