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Crowdfunding clone script is the best way for a community or a group who likes to start an own crowdfunding campaign. This script is used to many individual professionals, companies, and the entrepreneurs to set up their own Crowdfunding platform online. Our web developing experts created the script with more user-friendly and mobile responsive design. Crowdfunding software is the best policy for the organizations who raising funds to undertake the projects.

The Fundraising script is a Kickstarter Clone Script that empowers you to make your very own reward based crowdfunding site, where pledge drives can make an unlimited number of projects and the sponsor who fund the projects are rewarded when projects are fully funded. Now we are having thousands of clients and thousands of readymade scripts with us. And Our Dexterity solution is providing the 1-year technical support and 6-months code updates for our clients.

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Fundraising script - Crowdfunding clone script - Crowdfunding software.jpg 5 years ago
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