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CrowdFunding Site allows your users to submit projects full of details and meta data such as images, expiration dates, goals and value, and sponsor information. They can also keep track of funding, update funders on the project’s progress, maintain their sponsor account information and more. As an administrator you can edit these projects before publishing, as well as create and manage projects your own projects right from the WordPress dashboard.

Our unique funding limit options provides much more control than other providers. If a minimum funding amount is set for a project, the contributors will only be charged after that goal is met. A public facing goal amount can be set greater that the minimum funding amount, allowing your users to encourage additional giving. There is also a Maximum Funding field, so that you can optionally set the maximum funding the project can earn. A Maximum Funding Per User field limits the maximum amount each user can contribute. All of this is fully automated with no additional management necessary once projects are created.

You can also create a variety of purchase options allowing each user to contribute a single amount (i.e. $5) or a variety of amounts (e.g. $1, $5 or more, $10 or more, etc.). These amounts are set on a per-project basis and can be attached to certain aspects of your total goal or rewards that contributors can earn. Some CrowdFunding Site themes allow your users to contribute any amount at all, outside of a specific contribution option.

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