Contester - PHP Contest Manager


Creating and managing your online contest was never been so cool and easy. With Contester you can do a draw and configure every detail of your contest. The contest consists in two phases: the first phase where the user submits a code and can be selected to the next phase, and the draw phase, where all the selected codes are draw.

With the new Facebook integration, the fields of the contest can be filled with participant facebook data. Also, when the submission is done, the Contester will publish on participant Wall.


  • Custom Fields!
  • Facebook Integration!
  • Very intuitive administration panel;
  • You can control every detail of you contest;
  • Fun to use;
  • You can create unlimited contests;
  • Fancy frontend, fully customized, with a included CMS manager;
  • Podium management, where you can edit your prizes;
  • And many more cool features!

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$17 USD
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1.2contester_banner.png 7 years ago
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