Classifieds Blaster Script


Classifieds Blaster can be one of the most useful tools for any online marketer.

By running your own classifieds blaster you can allow others to blast an ads to tons of classifieds sites with just 1 click and charge them monthly or one time membership fee. This script contains an excellent ad selling feature for you by which you can sell top and bottom sponsor ads at your website and make good money from it.

This script is easy to install and comes with a Free Installation so if you need any help in installations we will install it for no extra cost.

We had already written some good sales text for your classifieds blaster so you can start your blaster right away.

And the best thing is that we are giving free access to your classifieds blaster to access all the classified sites of http://www.classyfied-ads .com


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$199 USD
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Rohit Seth
yfwclassifiedblasterbox.jpg 8 years ago
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