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RentALL is a mobile friendly Airbnb Clone Script. It can help entrepreneurs to start, build and scale business like Airbnb.

It’s packed with most advanced technologies like Reactjs, GraphQL, Expressjs, Redux, Apollo, Post-CSS and much more.

How RentALL – Airbnb Clone Script can help you?

– Help entrepreneurs to quickly determine Product Market Fit
– Bring innovation to existing business without much technical hassle
– Reduce product development time and let entrepreneurs focus on other big things

What makes RentALL different?

Mobile Friendly Web App: It is not just another responsive website, it provides much more than usual responsive websites. User interfaces behave based on device screen sizes to provide better user experience and it never needs to reload for every page that user visits.

Better User Experience: Users don’t want to wait! They want something faster and easier to use. We use isomorphic react that helps us keeping things work faster. RentALL shows the information of the page even when the page is loading instead of showing a loader or empty HTML page.

Scalable: Scaling is one of the major challenge in the world of startup. It includes scaling your product too. We build RentALL as component based user interfaces with the help of Reactjs. These components are reusable and easy to add/modify/remove without affecting the whole application. It helps you scale as you grow.

Maintainable: If you don’t have maintainable code on client and server then maintaining your application code is going to be a nightmare when you grow big. Fortunately, RentALL is sharing same code base on client and server with the help of isomorphic react that enables code maintenance easier and you no longer need to maintain two different things.

Search Engine Optimization: RentALL gives you more predictable SEO and Site Indexing better than usual single page web application.

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