Kickstarter is a crowd funding website for creative projects. Kickstarter has funded a diverse array of endeavors, ranging from indie films, music and comics to journalism, video games, and food-related projects.

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FundForIdea – Kickstarter Clone Script is developed by ClonesCloud that enables the people to donate money for various categories of causes that they may have the favor for. So, you can start your very own fundraising website using ClonesCloud’s ready-made script.

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FundForIdea is the Kickstarter Script that helps to build a platform to start the business in the field of crowdfunding. This PHP Kickstarter Script is built with the latest web technologies that meet all the requirements of the crowdfunding platform. Get started with your crowdfunding business now with FundForIdea – A Kickstarter Clone Script from ClonesCloud.

what-reward.png – a big name in the world of crowdfunding platform development solutions has come up with a new way and version of crowdfunding software that helps companies, individuals and entrepreneur in setting up their own Crowdfunding platform online.

Our Fundraising script will help you to install a full-fledge, state-of-the-art and user-friendly Crowdfunding platform on your website as per your needs and requirements. Whether you are building a Kickstarter clone, Crowdcube or Seedrs clone, our custom build Crowdfunding script is able to cater all your needs with our pre-made solutions or ability to add and customize new features as per your requirements.


If you are looking for start your own fintech startup, Kickstarter Clone of NCrypted is perfect reward based crowdfunding script. This fundraising software offers cost-effective way to develop and customize crowdfunding website like Kickstarter as it comes with lots of advanced features for backers and fundraisers along with endless customization opportunities.

Advanced functionalities of this Kickstarter Clone script powers your fundraising or crowdfunding website with categorized exclusive community of crowdfunding campaigns.


FundStarter is nothing but a fundraising script (Kickstarter clone script) . Using this unencrypted script you can create your own Crowdfunding platform. Our FundStarter script comes with lots of advanced features, with which creator and backer can easily communicate with each other and finish their creative projects within their deadline. Backer can easily pledge money to make the creative project happen within the deadline period. Ask for our latest & complete unencrypted version in laravel framework just for $649

Our Fundstarter script is completely responsive and it comes with both Android and IOS mobile app, which makes it easy for a backer and creator to engage and get upto date with instant notifications.

Our Fundraiser script is very clear, concise, and easy to use, and it has ton of features. Our script is powerful, scalable and 100% customizable. It comes with one year of free upgradation and lifetime free customer support.


Planning to create the Next Big Kickstarter for your region, niche, currency and language, then Crowdfunding Pledge is the right solution for you. It is a Kickstarter clone script which can help you to create a pledge based fundraising website in just two days. The speciality of this script is that it allows you to host a website with both KiA (Keep it all) and AoN (All or Nothing) models. You can set a different commission rates for both of them.

  • It also provides an innovative reward system, which helps your users to get the ROI for the funds raised through your website. This script comes with the following elements.
  • Social media options
  • Digital marketing options
  • Revenue options
  • Responsive designs

Kickstarter Clone  is CrowdPHP has OOPS MVC PHP based simple Framework. It is Fast, Compatible and supports various languages Plug-ins,template engine RBAC building & Multi- databases. UI is designed for ease of users, They can easily navigate options, create new projects , back projects and it is Similar to kickstarter . Using a MVC based framework Crowdphp can be integrated to any other Payment Gateway or API’s. You can contact us or hire any PHP developer for custom work for your kickstarter clone or CrowdSourcing script. CrowdPHP is using Opensource technology, which allows it to expand further to any possible feature.

With Crowdphp you get power to unleash a site like or Indiegogo alike sites for your fundraising php based solution.

When you buy from us , You get all features needed to kickstart your site.All you need is a server ,We can install CrowdPHP for you. It is recommended to get a Linux based Server, This is what you get.

Full Source Code,Free Support,Payment Gateways,Social Logins,SMS Integrations,Multiple Pledge Packages,Review System,Secure Backend,Fully White Label Solution,User Levels,Project Levels,Role Based Access Levels(Admin/Staff).

Our Fundraising script, is ready to start crowdfunding platform , You get immediate download link on your email address, In case of questions , use chat widget or reach us via support at



CrowdFunding Site allows your users to submit projects full of details and meta data such as images, expiration dates, goals and value, and sponsor information. They can also keep track of funding, update funders on the project’s progress, maintain their sponsor account information and more. As an administrator you can edit these projects before publishing, as well as create and manage projects your own projects right from the WordPress dashboard.

Our unique funding limit options provides much more control than other providers. If a minimum funding amount is set for a project, the contributors will only be charged after that goal is met. A public facing goal amount can be set greater that the minimum funding amount, allowing your users to encourage additional giving. There is also a Maximum Funding field, so that you can optionally set the maximum funding the project can earn. A Maximum Funding Per User field limits the maximum amount each user can contribute. All of this is fully automated with no additional management necessary once projects are created.

You can also create a variety of purchase options allowing each user to contribute a single amount (i.e. $5) or a variety of amounts (e.g. $1, $5 or more, $10 or more, etc.). These amounts are set on a per-project basis and can be attached to certain aspects of your total goal or rewards that contributors can earn. Some CrowdFunding Site themes allow your users to contribute any amount at all, outside of a specific contribution option.

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