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Clone scripts are web applications which provides the features and/or design of a popular website or even mobile application.

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Uber clone will provide you with the leverage needed to stay one step ahead of the curve in the competitive game of taxi cab app development. Whitelabel, customizable, solutions are the best alternative to developing your own app from the ground up, which can be a time consuming and expensive process.

The cutting edge Uber clone app provides the following functionalities:

Holistic business solutions: White label Uber clone solutions take your business’s perspective, determining how to add value in the process. This bird’s eye view perspective is important to developing solutions that matter

Regulation of your fleet and ride hailing business: Develop your proprietary transport services. Improve the way in which public transport is utilized.

Versatility for all: Optimize your ride hailing app according to your firm’s specifications and requirements


Planning to enter a flourishing market to boost your annual revenue? Then opting for the Tinder clone app is a profitable solution. You can easily carry out your matchmaking business hassle-free with simple yet effective features combined with the customization options- to modify at the time of requirements. Make a call to Uber like app to get the app at your affordable fare.

Tinder is an app that has experienced runaway success within the realm of dating apps. It stands to reason that several smaller players want to emulate the success of Tinder. The Tinder clone app market is booming right now, as the platform by Tinder has delivered battle-tested results.

Tinder clone app features

Tinder clones, being social apps, should feature the conveniences offered by other popular social apps. Some of the features that improve the quality of life of Tinder clone users are:

• In-app purchases
• Simple profile management
• Immediate notifications
• Unlimited matches
• Igniter gold and plus
• Boost
• Super like
• Identifying perfect match
• Instant chat
• Accessible admin panel
• Appealing design
• Robust script

Dating is becoming an increasingly popular option to find your soulmate. It stands to reason that the younger generation wants an application for it. Tinder has capitalized on this success. Tinder clones are looking to emulate this success with their own takes on the giant’s formula.


Provide your customer-preferred video and audio contents and become the next rival in the video-streaming market by purchasing a Netflix clone. With pre-built features and robust admin panel, you can easily manage all operations right from categorization to feedback without uncompromising performance. Reach Uberlikeapp to get you clone today.

Clone apps with customizability features are receiving a lot of media coverage these days. Developing an application from the ground-up is a time-consuming and expensive process. This is where clone app solutions step in. Clone app solutions provide an established platform where firms can build on top of.

Netflix clones, being based off of Netflix, typically provide the following features.

1. Social logins supporting several platforms
2. Accessible, user-friendly dashboard
3. Built-in video player
4. Advanced search options
5. Feature-laden admin panel
6. Admin handled blogs
7. CSV and XLS export
8. Responsive and streamlined design

Netflix clones take into account the fact that Netflix is video viewing/sharing software at first. Every part of the interface has been designed to facilitate uninterrupted and seamless viewing.


Who wouldn’t love rides that are offered at low prices? Though taxi services have given many discounts and trial packages, the cravenness for cheap solutions hasn’t stopped. Carpooling is currently gaining more attention among the crowd as the price is less compared to the average cost. Many taxi applications are in process to incorporate carpooling service to acquire new users as well as retain the existing users. And the business model that is widely followed and adopted is BlaBlacar’s model. The model has many benefits like

1. In-app communication
2. Easy registration using social media
3. GPS integration for tracking
4. multiple payment modules
5. push notifications
6. Feedback system

Thus, if you have planned to adopt the same, make sure to discuss with your developing partner and incorporate the best technology. And if you find difficulty in finding one, then you can contact UberlikeApp. Since this company provides the best Blablacar Clone App at affordable prices with complete technical guidance, if you are not sure about their services, take a demo and see what they got you.


-Advanced video preview
HubX uses an advanced video preview system that allows users to quickly browse through the video highlights.

-Multiple Monetization Channels
Our Pornhub clone script allows you to monetize your website with premade ads, subscriptions, membership levels and tokens.

-Fully SEO-optimized
Use built-in SEO features that automatically generate highly optimized video titles, texts and tags.

-Multi-server system
Host your data on multiple servers or create a CDN to provide high website performances with minimal costs.

-Optimized for heavy load
Our Pornhub clone script is designed to keep running smoothly in all circumstances — even during unexpected traffic spikes.

-Multi-language system
HubX is based on a multi-language system that allows you to quickly translate your content into different languages.

-100% open source code
You can change the design and extend your website’s functionality by adding modifiers or custom blocks to our open source code.

-HTML5 HD & mobile videos
Our theme lets your visitors enjoy highly responsive HD videos that are automatically optimized for mobile devices.


ThemeForest clone script is a Multi vendor Digital Products Marketplace Script like Envato. Themeforest clone helps you to build your own Digital products marketplace website. Our Buy2Themeforest is a perfect and cost-effective digital marketplace script.


Thumbtack clone script is one of the best multi-vendor on-demand service marketplace script. If you are looking to build a service marketplace website like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Treatwell, urbanclap, Airtasker and similar website. Our Thumbsup is a perfect solution for Multi-Vendor service marketplace script for cleaning, laundry, plumping, handyman, spa, saloon, tailoring, electrician, car cleaning and more.


Handy clone is one of the popular on-demand service marketplace scripts. It helps to provide various handymen services in one place. It helps to connect the service providers and the customers. The services like cleaning, laundry, moving can be provided using this website.


Migrateshop Amazon clone script is the best b2c ecommerce marketplace platform. Using this amazon clone script you can create your own ecommerce website like amazon. Amazon clone script is one of most popular clone script. Amazon clone script comes with both Android and iOS mobile apps.


Alibaba clone script is the b2b multi vendor ecommerce marketplace script. Using this script the business owner can create the b2b marketplace platform. This platform helps the manufacturer and the suppliers to buy and sell the products. This script connects the manufacturer, suppliers and the wholesalers.


Migrateshop offering the best Aliexpress clone multi vendor marketplace website Wordpress theme. You can get a website script with Android & iOS mobile apps. It is the b2b/b2c clone script, supports both the physical and digital products. It enables entrepreneurs to start their own eCommerce marketplace website.


Ebay clone, which is a perfect Multi-vendor Marketplace WordPress theme. Create your own eBay style website by using our eBay WordPress theme. Download our eBay clone script Free live demo available. You can get an auction website script with Android & iOS mobile apps. Website is developed by WordPress CMS Open Source PHP framework, Mobile Apps developed by Android Studio & Xcode.

Migrateshop offering the best Esty clone script. It let the entrepreneurs start their own b2c marketplace website. It comes with all the basic and advanced features. You can get a website script with Android & iOS mobile apps. Website is developed by WordPress CMS Open Source PHP framework, Mobile Apps developed by Android Studio & Xcode.

Airbnb Clone script specially developed for rental business. Airbnb Clone script will be helpful to kick start the business in the vacation rental marketplace. Migrateshop offers the best Airbnb clone script for the entrepreneurs. From this script, you can start your business by renting out your property.

Matrimonial Software - PHP Matrimonial Script.png

The modern online matrimonial system provides responsive searching of a life partner and also helps to contact and connect with each other by making your bridegroom matching with easy functionality and features. In this matrimonial script, the entrepreneurs and users both get the advantage, profits of using the software. The users can create profiles by entering their personal details, designations, images, and more on.

The Matrimonial Software makes the system more conventional process with supreme admin managing accessibility, to make the process interactive connection between the users, the communication system is enabled in the site. The software is designed with mobile responsiveness, social media integration, internal chat communication, and user-friendly managing system. PHP Matrimonial Script develops the products that are perfectly suitable for all scale small community and multi matrimony companies. The readymade script with user business strategy development helps the process more simple and satisfying client’s requirements. The data management system is more complex nowadays without the loss of data, here it makes the process more simple and data protective. It is the best return on investment for the entrepreneurs to kickstart their carrier and advancement of the software.

Uber Clone Script .jpg

Uber Clone Script is the perfect composition plan for the cab or travel owners to make their own travel rental cab booking site for the users to make everyday travel needs. PHP Auto Classified Script is a trusted web solutions provider with over 16 years’ experience in delivering a full spectrum of web development services to clients across the globe.

OLA Script is simple and long day business process, where the users can get the car rental by just a click, it is highly innovative, feature-rich and technology-enabled solutions to become a premier taxi aggregator. The demand for the ride out is large, so it is a perfect composition plan for the cab or travel owners to have their portal site development like Uber Clone Script. The best possible features at the driver and the passenger end with a well-designed admin panel to monitor the whole system efficiently.

Professional Cab Booking Software has a smart intentional interface with full-featured taxi booking solution. The users can simply register their account and can book the cab by setting up the pickup and drop locations which are setup in the system. The Uber Clone Script is a platform for people of all ages and social groups with one thing in common that they need a cab. PHP Auto Classifieds develop the script with the analysis of competitive market and which makes business to be successful.

Postmates Clone App.png

Deliver food, alcohol, groceries, and much more swiftly at your customer’s doorstep on the requested time by developing a delivery application like Postmates. With 100% customization and ready-to-launch feature, the app will be structured in a way to lure many potential customers. Reach Uber like App today and get the Postmates clone app at an affordable price.


Readymade crowdfunding script to develop fundraising software for crowdfunding platform. Make your own Kickstarter Clone, Gofundme clone at affordable cost. The product that we have developed is easy to use platform for your crowdfunding application development requirement and could be used for multiple areas of Arts, Comics, Dance, Design, Fashion, Medical, Volunteer, Education etc. The User who want to get fund on their project can select from multiple categories like Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, Designers, Developers, Writers, Painters, Poets, Gamer, etc.

Travel Booking Script.jpg

PHP Travel Booking Script is the best travel booking software development that is dedicated to travel agency, transport and entrepreneurs. The site may be focused on tour travel bookings and reviews, trip fares, a complete guide to explore perfect destinations and the entire catalogue for those travelogues. Approximately 587.3 million consumers are expected to book travel plans online as of 2019. Hotel and Tour Booking Script systems have truly transformed the way people plan their tours along with how travel agencies all over the world offer their services to the individual. If you are intended to start a travel booking website, it is really a far better idea as the field is emerging with time.

PHP Travel Booking Script comes with less economic. That is one with a better investment plan for a web based Travel Booking Software website can set up their own office in their destined location. The augmentation in travel technology solutions in recent years have made it possible for Open Source Travel Booking Script to provide the travel booking websites for its clients. We target a wider audience appealing them through our highly innovative and striking theme and make a way that anyone can customize them according to their own business plan Hotel and Tour Booking Script proudly emerges itself as the technology partner for more than 300 travel agencies for the last 16 years.

The success of any business depends highly on its customer service. Open Source Travel Booking Script find its success in the facet of customer satisfaction and support. Hotel and Tour Booking Script India, Chennai based company takes the overall responsibilities to maintain the websites and for the complete development. For further clarification tech team provides a facet of over 24/7 support helpline for our clients.

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