Airbnb, Inc. provides an online platform that connects hosts who have accommodations to rent with guests seeking to rent such accommodations (collectively, the Services), which Services are accessible at Airbnb and any other websites through which Airbnb makes the Services available (collectively, the Site) and as an application for mobile devices (the Application).

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SpotnStay is a unique made Airbnb clone app solution developed to serve vacation rental booking startups. The needs and wants of the vacation rental startups were analyzed carefully before developing SpotnStay. Hence, setting up a vacation rental marketplace platform is no longer difficult when you have SpotnStay.

Host of new features for all the interfaces are developed with extra care and its compatibility, relevance is checked duly. Vivid colors and themes used in the customer app to gravitate the customer to use it again and again.

Reason to choose SpotnStay over other products

Changing new ideas into features: SpotnStay team combines the clients to discuss new ideas and work towards materializing it. The resources and skilled developers make it effortless.

Keeping up with the trend: Current trend and market dynamics is not constant and transforming the vacation rental solution for it is vital. SpotnStay is experienced in this and we work continuously to make the solution relevant.

No hidden cost: From the time you partner with us till deployment and support, we will be transparent on all processes. The cost of the solution is fixed and no unnecessary costs are charged.

We assure you that SpotnStay is the only solution to be customer-centric without any unnecessary functionalities.

I hope you don’t think of an Airbnb clone other than SpotnStay. If you are running a vacation rental business also you can consider SpotnStay.

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Launch your property rental business in an advanced way by purchasing a custom Airbnb clone. With easy taps, now you can manage all your rental to lodging operations hassle-free.

Vacations are the escape place from reality for people. When they are running on a hectic schedule for several months, they would want to take a break and go on a vacation. Organizing a trip can be arduous. So, they will eventually turn to a vacation rental business person to plan a perfect trip. This is the main rationale due to which many entrepreneurs are launching their vacation rental business with an Airbnb clone app. This app is highly advanced than an app built from scratch and will make the customer lean towards the app with its features.

Airbnb Clone script specially developed for rental business. Airbnb Clone script will be helpful to kick start the business in the vacation rental marketplace. Migrateshop offers the best Airbnb clone script for the entrepreneurs. From this script, you can start your business by renting out your property.

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The Rental Booking Software makes visitors to find and reserve their accommodation at a particular location after analyzing listing features and facilities provided at the property. If you are looking for the professional all rental script development PHP Real Estate Script has the exclusive properties listing, real estate product development with advanced booking, listing, and host experience. These make the young entrepreneur’s startup the business without any complex management and also core features to develop their business effectively to reach their targeted user easily and fit for businesses which are demand, clear and simple online booking and renting mechanism.
Advanced Vacation Rental Airbnb Script has a smart search and also helps the audience choose the finest places to stay by listing the best accommodations under the various categories. The data analysis and prediction have become really easy which is required for running a successful business. By using the Vacation Rental Listing Script it is become simpler to make transactions and payments system. The booking notifications are sent to the respective user by instant. Airbnb Clone Script site can be developed from various developers but the developing from the professionals who are experts in customizing the script based on the requirement, by understanding the business, responsive design, advanced room search, Geo-location map location, proper listing structured layout.

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RentalSlew is an up and coming rental business stage, which isn’t just about leasing a property however an adaptable rental suite. This is a stage to incorporate hosts, who are happy to lease their spaces and the visitor, who needs to appreciate living in a home away from home.

RentalSlew isn’t just for leasing a property yet for each business visionary who wishes to begin a rental business. Since everything has turned out to be online Rental slew gives a stage to it yo continue onward. Any systematic vehicle rentals, pontoon rentals, bicycle rental, office rents and so on can be recorded on this stage.


This application will be accessible on both android and ios gadgets. There are numerous highlights that make Rent Slew not quite the same as its rivals. These highlights are:
Various Payments:

Various installments is an element to make the installment procedure advantageous for the client. With the alternative, one will have the option to process at least two installments by means of various installment modes.


OcodooLodge is an Airbnb like property rental software powered by unique features which will help online entrepreneurs to kick start a hassle-free online rental business.

Website owner is able to earn commission on each booking without investing in any inventory. The ready-to-launch vacation rental script is fully automated and includes features like multi-language support, beautifully designed and mobile friendly design, Paypal payment gateway, host and guest profile pages and online page editor. Above all the platform is easy to customize & configure.

Hotel Booking Android Application - Hotel Booking Android app source code.jpg

In our Hotel Apps for Android the user and admin have different portals with the authentication login id with advanced customization functions, the user’s can register their profile by entering the user mail id and password, then the user can build their own profile by making the booking from their place by selecting the hotels or by entering searching the hotels in the advanced search box by selecting the hotel and room by seeing the descriptions, images and user’s feedback review and ratings etc, then by entering the check in, check out time, the number of the children’s and adults who are going to stay in the respective hotel.

This Hotel Booking Android Application has the admin portal where the site owners or hotels entrepreneurs can easily manage the site functionality with ease of the functions with the customization tools. The real-time status report of the managing and about the site is given to the admin by using our Hotel Booking Android app source code, we are sure that this app will replace your business standard levels to the next level with the best managing online hotel booking app.

Are you looking high and low for the best Airbnb Clone to uphold your Vacation Rental Business distinctively? If your answer is in affirmative, then StaysBnB is the perfect choice for you. StaysBnB is a fully-featured Airbnb Clone designed and developed by a well-known IT company named as MintTM. We have fabricated and designed this Airbnb Script in a way that it has all the required features to make it highlighted in the crowd of other Vacation Rental Script.

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Are you looking for an online property rental script to launch your own property rental marketplace where users can search for apartments for rent and can able to see details along with the amenities?

With this property rental management script you can start your own online business like airbnb and can facilitate property owners to post details about their property for rent and also help tenants to view the availability of the apartment conveniently. Everyone can post or view all segments of property like house rental, apartment rental, shop rental or any other rental property. Our rental script is fully optimized for mobile devices and works perfectly on all screen sizes. It is SEO friendly to increase the readability of search engine.

Advanced features in our vacation rental script

1. Search property
2. Manage requests module
3. Post apartment
4. View availability
5. Filter search
6. Chat module’s
7. Manage apartment
8. Send booking request
9. View detail
10. Contact us

Now manage all the rentals, residential or commercial with this our ready to use property rental script.

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A script which perfectly suits the requirement of any business or individuals who wish to set up any kind of rental websites cost-effectively. It is power-packed with some powerful features like smart search, social login, multilingual, SEO-friendly, multiple payment gateway support, etc. which can help owners to set up rental websites of any kind for efficient customer access across all parts of the globe.


Airbnb Clone Script is an advanced vacation, rental script software; this script enables you to run your own reservation booking script to assist customers can find accommodations for an industrious fee. You can use this software for any kind of rental based system for example, car, Furniture, electrical etc…

Our Rental Booking Script is very easy to handle and the process to searching and booking the accommodation through online and it keeps our valuable time for the users and the business owners, both are getting benefits from this process.

Vacation Rental Software is used for online vacation rental booking website designed that particularly aiming holidays rentals for all over the world. This lodging script has given you same features that you get from this website at very low price and it is highly scalable and customizable across a variety of verticals such as lodges, hostels, paying guest etc…

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If you want to start your travel and booking platform like Airbnb then with the help of Airbnb Clone Script you can build such platform very easily. This Airbnb script is pre-loaded with the features which are required for the business. It is also 100% customizable, so you can add the features you want. Check out features at official site now.


Makent is the Airbnb clone script from Trioangle technologies. You can use our software for any rental based system. Example: Car, Boats, Furniture, Electrical items and etc. It has best features of Airbnb. They providing 100% source code so you can customize for your requirement.

We are using the following trending and effective technology to build our product.

  • Laravel – Widely used Open-Source PHP Web Framework
  • AngularJS
  • Swift For iOS Application
  • Java For Android Application


  • Latest Home Page Design Like Airbnb
  • Makent Supports Unlimited Listing and Users.
  • Multiple Currencies and Languages
  • Cancellation & Refund Policies
  • Payment Gateway
  • Manage Listing In Admin Panel
  • Multiple SignUp and Login Option
  • Easy Search and Filters Options
  • Manage Admin and Users
  • Reviews & Report Generation

Site Link : Trioangle – Clone Scripts | Best Clone Script | PHP Clone Script

Check our portfolio, our customers are running successfully their business with our script,

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Start your own accommodation & rental booking website with Apphitect vacation rental software, 100% customizable airbnb clone script which supports best features like Social login, payment gateways, Single Step checkout etc.This airbnb software which is supported on both magento 1 & 2.


HomeStayDNN – Your Airbnb Clone Script – Easily Customizable, Responsive Design, Android Mobile App, ioS Mobile App, Multi Domains with 100% Source Code. HomeStayDNN is well suited for those who are interested in Online Business Startups in Travel Room Booking or any search and rental booking related application. Our web and mobile app can be easily modified for other business like booking of car rentals, bike rentals, storage space, parking space, event management, doctor appointment etc. We give you the complete ownership of this PHP Rental Script, so that you can use it for more than one business. Our HomeStayDNN is like the airbnb type websites which has many innovative features at best prices.

Our vacation rental software booking script helps Space providers (apartment/staying place) to rent their place and travelers who can book the staying place through online. This web application is similar to Airbnb. HomeStayDNN is best Airbnb Clone app (Rental Management Online Software) in the industry and matches to the standards of Airbnb and many of our customers have been satisfied with our user friendly web and mobile application.

HomeStayDNN Airbnb Clone provides ultimate atmosphere for those who want to book their online accommodation and those who want to showcase their rental properties. An Admin panel for the website owner gives extraordinary features to maintain the travelers and space provider’s details in a secured method.

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AirStar – Online car rental booking software come up with enormous features which allow the entrepreneurs to launch the online car rental business. By using the open source script of online car rental script, they can choose the car from the vehicle grouping features, search and book the car efficiently and do the payment transaction securely, admin can manage the transaction and reservation seamlessly and the car owners can upload all the details related their car in the car rental website.

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Space Renting Script is a web based rental script. You can use our software for any rental based system. There are plenty of other things to take care of as an entrepreneur than trying to set up the website. The script can be run to install the website right away. Space Renting Script is an online community marketplace that connects people looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations. Space Renting Script comes with a variety of features like social media logins, payment gateway integration, hourly booking, user reviews, property classifications, featured properties and much more

RentALL - AirbnbCloneScript.png

RentALL is a mobile friendly Airbnb Clone Script. It can help entrepreneurs to start, build and scale business like Airbnb.

It’s packed with most advanced technologies like Reactjs, GraphQL, Expressjs, Redux, Apollo, Post-CSS and much more.

How RentALL – Airbnb Clone Script can help you?

– Help entrepreneurs to quickly determine Product Market Fit
– Bring innovation to existing business without much technical hassle
– Reduce product development time and let entrepreneurs focus on other big things

What makes RentALL different?

Mobile Friendly Web App: It is not just another responsive website, it provides much more than usual responsive websites. User interfaces behave based on device screen sizes to provide better user experience and it never needs to reload for every page that user visits.

Better User Experience: Users don’t want to wait! They want something faster and easier to use. We use isomorphic react that helps us keeping things work faster. RentALL shows the information of the page even when the page is loading instead of showing a loader or empty HTML page.

Scalable: Scaling is one of the major challenge in the world of startup. It includes scaling your product too. We build RentALL as component based user interfaces with the help of Reactjs. These components are reusable and easy to add/modify/remove without affecting the whole application. It helps you scale as you grow.

Maintainable: If you don’t have maintainable code on client and server then maintaining your application code is going to be a nightmare when you grow big. Fortunately, RentALL is sharing same code base on client and server with the help of isomorphic react that enables code maintenance easier and you no longer need to maintain two different things.

Search Engine Optimization: RentALL gives you more predictable SEO and Site Indexing better than usual single page web application.


Renters Clone is an online vacation rental booking website designed particularly for aiming holiday rentals all over the world. Renters clone is exclusively designed to satisfy the needs of the landlords who want to seriously make money by listing vacation rentals from all around the globe. Renters clone script allows you to create your own vacation rental platform to help customers to find space for a cost.

This is the best script for an entrepreneur to build their own niche marketplace for online reservations. Renter script is the well-located method for vacationer to find and reserve online space with particulars such as property type, room type, space description, amenities, location, price, perms, and photos collected with online and automated financial transactions.


Trubnb – An Airbnb Clone, is a ready-made rental system, developed, organized and designed as a standalone source for entrepreneurs like you, who are inclined to generate an online portal system for Rental business. It is an e-portal script that intermediates between your hosts and guests together.

Trubnb is a full-fledged code that could be custom-built as per your unique business needs. This rental script system can be tailored in relevance to a range of verticals, such as books, cars, videos, bikes, tools, yachts and much more. Trubnb is an online site that helps travelers to find a safe and affordable stay place with just a single click from any part of the world.

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