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Collection of popular PHP and other char scripts.

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EngageDots is an efficient WhatsApp clone can be used for integrating communication, management, and analytics in a single platform. An office chat software helps you synchronise your team and fix your communication failures at work. EngageDots, e...
If you would like to launch a service similar to Whatsapp and allow users to send messages anytime anywhere without paying for more than a modest subscription fee, then Scimbo is exactly what you need. With a ton of features and the ability to cus...
The app is classy and elegant. Scimbo is designed in such a way it delivers an efficient service to its users. No one likes a messaging app to hang or show up an error message during an important conversation. You do not have to worry about it on ...
ZoeChat is an interactive messaging app available for both the iOS and Android platforms which offer a unique and captivating experience for its users.
The Cabily Automated Dispatch System With the rising popularity of taxi booking apps, there are so many seemingly reliable mobile dispatch systems available out there, that you don’t know which one to choose anymore. Cabily offers you a way ...
The clone script is very much customizable and can be changed according to the requests. Rutapp is known for its efficient and excellent service around the world. It is also successful in cloning the scripts and Ridecy is just like any other Rutap...
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